BookBonding is closing down – Friday 19th October

After 11 years of operation, Bookbonding is closing down on Friday 19th October.

Please make sure you use all loyalty points and vouchers before Oct 19th. Reminder you need to have $20 or more in loyalty points to be valid to use. Any further queries please do not hesitate to pop in or contact us on 5420 7758 or via email.

Thanks to all who have already said goodbye and wished us well. For those we haven’t seen yet, we hope to see you before we close, or at least at our farewell party on Fri 19th Oct 4-7pm. If not possible, best wishes, happy reading and keep supporting bricks and mortar bookstores so that they may thrive, and so too do Australian writers.

See our final newsletter (click here) for all the highlights of the past 11 years and a last round of staff favourites and Christmas picks.

See below for all the closing-down specials.

Natasha (co-owner and manager)