Our biggest commitment to the community is supporting people who shop local and are loyal to us with our loyalty reward scheme. For the 2015/6 financial year gave back $24401.71 in loyalty points savings!!

In addition we support our active commercial school customers with an annual $25 gift voucher and / or raffle book pack (up to $100rrp worth) to support school fundraising ideas (depending on annual $ purchases). In 2017, we have 80 active schools so far so happily commit ourselves to this sector as our major donation commitment.

More broadly, we annually participate in the Indigenous Literacy Day (1st Wed in September) and donate 10% of all takings that day to this worthwhile cause. In addition, through our support of Lions Club Doutta Galla we collect used books for donations to a women’s domestic shelter at our Essendon store. Since 2013, we have provided giveaway book prizes on a monthly basis to the Gisborne Gazette. In 2015 we became a major sponsor for Sunbury Tigers.

As you can appreciate, as a small business we try to support as many organisations as we can but beyond the offerings above we can only support an additional TWO organisations per term and we do this with $50 raffle pack (usually 1-3 books). To be eligible you must send an email to, clearly stating organisation, fundraising project, date and who is a member of our store. We award on first come first served basis. Non members will not be eligible. Thanks for your understanding on this.

We are happy to display community activities on our display boards for a period of two weeks after approval from the manager.

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