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The Ruin

Dervla McTiernan

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Cormac Reilly is about to reopen the case that took him twenty years to forget … The stunning debut novel from your new favourite crime writer. ‘TheRuin is a terrific debut and a rare gem:a compelling crime thriller that delivers depth as well as twists’ Sara Foster, author of The Hidden Hours

I predict that Irish born, now Perth based, Dervla Tiernan’s name will become as well known as Jane Harper if her debut crime novel is anything to go by – it was atmospheric and gripping right from the brilliantly haunting first page!  Tiernan sets her novel back in her own hometown of Galway that concerns a suspicious suicide for new arrival Dublin detective Cormac Reilly. Suspicious because he suspects a link with a cold case death from 20 years prior when he was a rookie cop in 1993 – when he helped young siblings Maude and Jack get re-homed after the strange death of their mother. And into his present now one returns – changed but still damaged. I loved the voices and depth of each character, the realistic dialogue, and the descriptions of the town and its people, not to mention Reilly’s colleagues who have their own quirks and agendas to reveal. Tiernan keeps a cracking pace with flipping points of view making this police procedural so much more than just your typical run of the mill murder case – this a definite page turner that will have you trying to piece all the secrets together.

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