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He Said She Said by Erin Kelly

Adult thriller 
Controversial, twisty, thought-provoking and always gripping: HE SAID/SHE SAID is the suspense novel for 2017 from the bestselling author of THE POISON TREE and THE BURNING AIR.
Who do you believe? He said it was consensual. The woman
said nothing.  But Laura saw it…  didn’t she? In the hushed aftermath of a total eclipse, Laura and Kit interrupt something awful.  Laura is sure about what happened. Later, in a panic, she tells a little white lie – and four lives are changed irreparably.   When the victim turns up on their doorstep, her gratitude spills into dangerous obsession. Laura and Kit decide to run – but Beth knows they have pledged to see every eclipse together. They will never be able to entirely escape her.
As the next eclipse draws near, Laura must confront the fallout from what she saw in the darkness. Confessing will cost her marriage; keeping the secret might prove fatal.  But all secrets, sooner or later, will come to light.

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