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Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend

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(Review below by staff member Jess)

This. Book. Is. Amazing. I received an advanced reading copy being told that it is expected to be a new upcoming popular series. I could not agree more with this expectation.  For fans of the Unfortunate Events and Magisterium series, this book creates a new world that you cannot but help want to be a part of. I am definitely anxiously waiting for my own version of Jupiter North to appear at my house and bring me to the magical place that is Nevermoor.
Morrigan Crow is possibly one of my favourite characters to date. She is naive, brave, sarcastically funny, adventurous, and nervous. A complex character that is easy to support, the 11-year-old grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, even after the final page has been read. Morrigan is a cursed child, the problems of her city are solely blamed on her and her cursed self. This causes it to become difficult for her to connect with the people of her city as well as her own family. But with Eventide coming up and her destined death accompanying it, Morrigan’s adventure is only just starting. In comes Jupiter North, funny, unusual and undoubtedly handsome (or else that’s what I like to think) coming in to save Morrigan and bring her to the Republic, promising her the opportunity to become a part of the exclusive Wunderous Society.
The twists and turns of this novel are incredible. As we witness Morrigan make friend’s, survive the trials, and deal with odious members of society; it is easy to fall in love with the girl and the world around her. I absolutely loved the plot, the world, the characters, and the slow reveal of who the Wundersmith is. A loveable protagonist that has the potential for greatness. This book is not only impossible to put down, but it is impossible to let go of as well. Even as I write this review (just having completed the book), I cannot help but itch for more. I am excitedly waiting for the next book and the continuation of Morrigan’s adventures. 10/10

Best suited for strong readers. 10+


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