Natasha Boyd attended Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School and then University of Melbourne completing a Bachelor of Arts and then a Bachelor of Teaching (Hons). She entered the education sector as a secondary school teacher, moving onto being a Humanities faculty coordinator and Year Level Coordinator for 11 years within the Catholic Education system, finishing in Term 2, 2007. As an ex-teacher, Natasha is aware of curriculum demands, time and budget constraints, literacy benchmarks and assessment. Natasha’s focus on good quality reading for children has seen the business expand to deal with over 100 schools in a commercial sense. We look forward to establishing a relationship with your school / organisation.


  • Providing books for libraries, literature bookclub circles and classroom libraries.
  • We can also provide tub drops of books of new releases or on a set theme for a 3 day inspection upon arrangement (keep what you want, return what you don’t)
  • Creation of theme lists or suggestions of text study
  • Mid monthly store newsletter sent to contact email about educational books
  • Presentations to staff or student groups on set topics  – minimum of $500rrp must be purchased on books within 14 days
  • We recommend opening an account with Titlepage, it’s free and allows you access to all publishing titles, dates and availability from the main suppliers. Go to
  • Author visit opportunities when available from publisher– school must purchase 6 titles and offer sales to kids.
  • Parent / Grandparent Donate a Book to the library fundraisers. We cannot do general books fairs (ie. That exceed longer than half a day)


These talks are designed to put purchasing directly into the hands of students (or teachers). In short, the cost is $500rrp spent on books per hour talk.

  • For the talks I require a screen that all kids can see, laptop and PowerPoint set up for my usb.
  • Talk covers all hot new fiction titles (can include some non-fiction or graphic novels if requested) using titles students know as a basis and then similar “like” books to stretch them and covering a wide range of genres; humour, fantasy, historical, sporty, true stories, animals, scary,  action adventure.
  • Students need paper and pen and something to lean on to record their favourite book titles as presentation goes along
  • I provide one presentation handout for each group session which schools are welcome to photocopy for teachers as a reference.
  • Talk goes for 60 minutes and then students move into separate class/ groups to complete their voting (10-15 minutes). Voting would take into account are you ordering solo books, or class sets (and if so how many in a set), whether books will be in a shared or individual classroom space etc.
  • I need purchase order number confirmed by you and budget estimate to confirm any session  – this also assists the voting by student classes to be more focused with how many they will be registering for their top votes.
  • Sessions do get booked quite in advance so the sooner you have this organised the better. I am more than happy to do two or three talks in a day to different groups  and work around bell break times. I am also more than happy to meet teachers in their allocated weekly meeting time during or after school. If a student talk was to occur as well we would do this on the same day too.
  • After vote lists are submitted on the day as a hard copy to me, the process is as follows. I compile these into a master list, look for double ups, suggest need to get more /next in series etc. I then email you a copy of final list, total and availability. Once this is approved by you I use the given purchase order number to place the order.
  • If you wish to have the books split into separate boxes for each class / year level this can be done. There will be an invoice in each class box off for you to check and you then pass this onto accounts for payment. Payment is 7 days from end of month of books received. We do not allow payment to occur after all backorders received. Any backorders that occur due to publisher reprint will be listed as ‘balance of order’ on the invoice and only invoiced when you receive them.
  • Books take 10-14 days from date of confirmation of order. We deliver to your school.

For more info or to book a session please call Natasha on 9331 0522


– Queries and / or orders may be made via phone, fax or e-mail using a purchase order number. We endeavour to respond in writing within 48 hours of receipt about price and availability or any other issue so please provide email.
– Prices are correct at time of quotation, however, in rare cases, may change if the publisher increases their prices during time of ordering and delivery.

(Each year this is adjusted according to prior year of purchases)

  • Opening discount 10% off rrp
  • $5000 or more spent in calendar year 12.5% off rrp
  • $10,000  or more spent in calendar year 15% off rep
  • Discount may be reduced for excessive research time for particular themes but will be notified prior. No discount for books ordered from USA or small publishers due to freight surcharge.


As a small independent business conscious of cash flow, our payment terms are strictly SEVEN days from END OF MONTH that books are invoiced in. Future orders will be held until invoices are paid if exceeding 7 days.  Books remain property of Book Bonding until full payment made.  Please note our invoices have subtotals at end of each page, so refer only to final page for invoice total.

Only faulty or misbound goods can be returned (within 7 days of delivery). All other goods are firm sale.

Please note that all books delivered must be paid for, even if this includes backorders (listed as Balance of Order on invoices). Schools cannot wait to pay when all backorders delivered as sometimes reprints or release dates are weeks/ months in advance. If this is an issue we can cancel backorders and reorder when available.


We deliver once a week. Set delivery days for 2017 are Fridays.

Urgent deliveries can be arranged for an alternate day though a freight fee of up to $20 may be charged depending on location, notified at time of booking.

Please fill out an account application form and return it to us if you wish to open an account.